Monday, July 25, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Jurrjens Edition

I know I've been giving a lot of attention to the Braves this year, and it's no wonder. Put them in any other division besides the NL East and they're in 1st place. They just happen to be perpetually blocked by those Phightin' Phils. Now, Jair over here is having a Cy Young contending season, and is constantly powering Atlanta to victory (just not against the Phillies most of the time). Matter of fact, most of that rotation has been doing well this season, with Hanson and Lowe being pretty good too. But right now, Jair Jurrjens is rocking Atlanta, and the offense owes it to him.

Coming Tomorrow- A guy I already did earlier this year, that needed another custom. And it's mainly because he's been giving the Dodgers its only spark this season.

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