Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Kemp Edition

I already made a Matt Kemp back in the early days of the season, and it was pretty awesome. However, a few days ago I got another request from a fan. And yeah, this was the same one that sparked this post, and this fact made me even happier. This guy was a Dodger fan, and he said he would love a Matt Kemp card on a 1984 Topps design (He loved my Heath Bell I did last week). So naturally, I did what anyone with a fan would do- within 24 hours of his request, I made the custom and sent it to him via email. And I heard back that he loved it.

But this email wasn't the only reason Matt Kemp deserved another card. The man is having a monster season, and one custom couldn't hold his greatness this season. He was on the All Star team (deservingly), and he is really the only person on the Dodgers (with the exception of maybe Andre Ethier) that is doing well this season. And LA needs it.

Coming Tomorrow- I did a custom of this guy in the first week of customs this year, and I feel that after the season he's had at the plate, the man deserves a do-over.

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