Friday, July 29, 2011

2011 Topps Football- First Packs of the Season!

Apparently 2011 Topps Football is live, and I haven't heard anything at all about it. I was hoping one of the Hobby News bloggers would have said something, but apparently I'm not subscribed to that many of them that cover football. So I was strolling around the local Archery Enthusiast Superstore (Apparently, now they're calling it Target, oddly), and I happened to come across some packs of 2011 Football. I checked my eyes, to see if it was a mirage or not, or if it was just 2011 Panini Football pretending to be Topps, like it always does. It was indeed real, and I picked up eight packs of the stuff. Let's see what the first football packs of the season hold:

Pack 1-
203- AJ Hawk. Wow, my first football card of 2011 is a card of the guy I saw at the Super Bowl. And for those naysayers who think I lied and didn't go, I thought the Black Eyed Peas sounded wonderful...BECAUSE WE COULD HEAR THEM!
157- Rashad Jennings.
255- Chad Henne. Poster Child for Wimpiness Everywhere
251- Justin Houston rookie
373- Greg Salas rookie
325- Jordan Todman rookie. Points for sharing my name.
Faces of the Franchise of Ndumukong Suh and Nick Fairley. Interesting Insert Set.
304- Eddie Royal
283- Mario Williams
147- Michael Bush
257- Eric Berry.
278- Ben Obomanu

Pack 2-
20- Eli Manning. True Story, I actually shared an elevator with Eli once. I was staying at a hotel across from their training camp or something, and I saw him running into our hotel, and going in the elevator with me. It wasn't until after I got out that I realized who he was.
391- John Carlson
337- Anthony Castonzo, the Colts 1st Round draft pick
238- Christian Ponder rookie, now sadly Donovan McNabb's backup. A shame too, because he's a great QB
143- Billal Powell rookie.
Jim Plunkett Super Bowl Legends Card. I saw an America's Game on this guy...miraculous story, how he went from obscurity to Super Bowl QB.
Faces of the Franchise of Rodgers and Favre. Possibly the greatest example of a satisfying replacement of a legend ever.
377- Brian Orakpo
393- Newest Philadelphia Eagle Jason Babin.
431- Vincent Jackson
374- Kellen Winslow.
250- Andre Johnson

Pack 3-
433- Jimmy Clausen, who is probably asking two questions right now. One- How the hell did I screw up last season? And Two- Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?
17- Broncos team card
413- Colin Kaepernick rookie
418- Aldrick Robinson
256- Marcell Dareus Rookie. The good news- Drafted 3rd in the draft. The bad news- By Buffalo.
Larry Fitzgerald mini
Bowman Marcell Darius Rookie. That's nice- I've got the Bowman version and the Topps version.
50- Josh Freeman
201- Brandon Gibson
341- Braylon Edwards
309- Danario Alexander
266- Dustin Keller

Pack 4-
203- AJ Hawk again.
157- Rashad Jennings again
255- Chad Henne again
395- Ryan Williams rookie
251- Justin Houston rookie again
Game Day insert of Dan Marino. Nice idea for a insert series.
283- Mario Williams again
398- Joe Webb, who will probably be cut any day now.
284- Antrel Rolle
90- Ben Roethliesberger. He needs to teach Michael Vick, Brett Favre and Plaxico Burress tips on rebounding after a scandal.
147- Bush again
278- Obamanu again

Pack 5-
318- Matt Cassel, who was extremely pathetic to watch for the Pats, but has become okay with Kansas City
343- London Fletcher
236- Mohamed Massaquoi
424- Mikel Leshoure
386- Dwayne Harris
Rookie Premiere Team Shot
Legends Giveaway card.
220- Michael Turner
121- Bernard Scott
304- Eddie Royal again
52- Raiders
150- Mark Sanchez

Pack 6-
329- Nick Mangold All Pro
42- Eagles tc
43- Danny Watkins, the Eagles 1st Round Draft Pick
326- Allen Bradford
Chris Johnson ToppsTown
Ben Roethlisberger Game Day
511- Willis McGahee
204- Tom Brady Record Breaker cl
36- Devin Hester All Pro
252- Takeo Spikes. A few years ago, I met Takeo, when I was working on a Flag Football project down in Miami. Nice guy, but terrible on a prompter. Shame he's going to San Diego.
423-Richard Seymour
361- James Laurinits

Pack 7-
23- Brandon Merriweather
336- Marshawn Lynch
402- Shane Vereen. I don't wanna hear any jokes regarding this guy's last name. Not even a "Magic to do" reference.
313- Taiwan Jones. Warning: Not actually from Taiwan.
165- Edmond Gates
Jon Baldwin mini
Bowman Rookie...Of Jon Baldwin!
244- Arrellious Benn, last year's hype-maker
110- Sam Bradford, the definition of 2010 Hype.
312- Jacoby Ford.
89- Chris Long
173- Jacoby Jones

Pack 8 (I wanna say that I bought this pack as an afterthought, before anyone accuses me of pack searching due to what is in this last pack. I had 7, and I wanted 8. That's the reason. On with the pack)-
406- Jabar Gaffney
26- Robert Mathis
214- Curtis Brown
51- Rob Housler
Jahvis Best Game Day insert
And the motherload. I'm being absolutely serious, and I'm not making this up. I actually pulled this from a pack of Topps Football, just lying around at Target:
A Super Bowl Legends Relic of Peyton Manning. That's right. A Game Used Peyton Manning Jersey card. And it's numbered to 45, and I pulled it out of Target's first packs of Football.
I can't believe it either. That is freaking awesome.
3- Benjamin Watson.
403- Jordy Nelson. 133- Ryan Fitzpatrick
98- Zach Miller

So how's that for a few packs of Football? Pretty awesome, right? A Peyton Manning game used, and a load of base cards and inserts totals up to a set I wouldn't mind going for my next Target run. And I realize I'm probably the first blogger ripping these packs, so I wanna say this isn't fake, they are 100% real, and in my hands right now. My lack of scanner is making it very ominous, but these are quite real. Anyone who doesn't believe me can see for themselves, because they're probably all over eBay by now. So...more to come from Football in the next few months.


  1. Funny..poor Jimmy Clausen.

    Congrats on the Manning.

  2. I picked up a couple of jumbos a few days ago... horrible collation. Doubles in the same pack etc...