Monday, July 18, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Pronk Edition

Let me paint the scene for you: It's the bottom of the ninth, your team is down 3-0, the bases are loaded, a run for your team's just scored. That's the situation that Travis Hafner faced the night I went to an Indians game. Now granted, I was still pissed at Toronto for the 1993 World Series, so I was basically rooting for the home team. No more Toronto victories, let the Indians come back. And as I was already disappointed by Matt LaPorta not signing my ball (Maybe it was because I'm 6 foot 5, and he thought I was older than 15) I needed a moment to get me going. Eventually, Hafner gets up, and on the very first pitch he sees, he cracks one into the right field seats- Game over, Grand Slam achieved. say the fans went completely an understatement. The minute the ball was hit, the fans yelled for it to go over. The minute it went over, we all got up, and started cheering. And this is why Cleveland fans are so nice. There were fives all around, hugs all around and no trashing of the saddened Toronto fans three rows in front of us. And as I tried very carefully to hear the theme from the Drew Carey Show playing over the loudspeakers, I realized that I couldn't, because the fans were so overjoyed that Pronk had won the game for them.

The point here is that while the two teams I root for have the most in your face, loud mouthed and possibly worst fans in the country, Cleveland fans are very nice people, that are still crazy about the team, but don't completely lose control.

Coming Tomorrow- A surprising second baseman that's finally having a good year.

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