Saturday, July 23, 2011

Custom Card of the Day- Lee Edition

Okay, I kinda generalized this post by titling it "Lee edition" so for that I apologize. I realize there are a few other Lees in baseball, besides Derrek over here. Like, for example, there's Carlos Lee, one of the most overrated players in baseball. There's also...uh...I think that might have been it.

But onto Derrek Lee. It's been a fact that ever since Lee left the Cubs, his career has declined. Last year with the Braves, and this year with the O's, he's been limited to few appearances and not too many hits. There are three clear reasons why this decline may occur. One- because he's getting injured a lot, which is depleting his playing ability. Two- because he's getting old, and he's not the same guy who helped win the 97 and 03 World Series' (At least I think he was on the Marlins in 97. I hope so). And three, and this is the most far fetched of the three- because of the fact that he actually did well with the Cubs, he's cursed in a way to suck everywhere else he goes in baseball.

Or, you know...probably just the first two. But I do hope Derrek Lee returns to form, somehow.

Coming Tomorrow- And just like that, I'm out of customs! It's been a good month or so, but I'm out- I need to make some more. I guess tomorrow's (?) custom'll be a mystery.

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