Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Rack Pack of Gypsy Queen, plus Heritage

Yeah, still alive. May's not the more free month for me. I had a few things going on. Either way, I FINALLY got some cards, in a racker of Gypsy Queen. I also got a racker of Heritage, but it was mostly doubles.

Gypsy Queen Pack 1-
149- Tom Seaver. Always a highlight
135- Ryne Sandberg. Why did the Phillies give him up?
Collisions at the plate insert of JOHNNY BENCH! So far we're 3/3 on Hall of Famers, which is nice about this set.
91- Matt Holliday mini
242- Asdrubal Cabrera, whose Indians are doing well, surprisingly.
104- Paco Rodriguez

Pack 2-
120- Cal Ripken Jr. Always great to pull a Cal.
No Hitters of Warren Spahn, which is awesome
Glove Stories of Jayson Werth. Ex-Phillie
8- Andre Dawson mini
175- Brandon Moss
217- Neil Walker

Pack 3-
238- Angel Pagan
262- Hisashi Iwakuma, who's had a nice start for Seattle.
346- PHIL RIZZUTO. That's a nice one!
73- Casey Kelly mini
136- Salvador Perez
287- Tony Gwynn.

The guaranteed white paralells-
70- Bob Feller, a great pull as always.
284- REGGIE JACKSON! He's on the A's, but still awesome
257- Craig Kimbrel, another nice one.

The Highlights of Heritage-
83- Carlos Ruiz. Always nice to get Chooch
112- Emilio Bonifacio, who was really good last season.
156- Dayan Viciedo, the sole consistent performer for Chicago.
425- Joey Votto, my short print. Sadly, I think I have this one.
384- Ryan Doumit
263- Vance Worley. I dunno if I have this one or not.
136- Sandoval WS GAME #1
296- Rafael Soriano. I probably have this.
103- Gordon Beckham
194- Mike Moustakas BLACK BACK

Decent enough packs. Can't wait for Archives and Series 2.

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