Saturday, May 4, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Machado Edition

You know, there's something that needs to be said about youth: it's awesome.

You experience everything for the first time, and it's shiny and new. Nobody's expecting you to do anything or be anyone, and you're just making your own mark. It really is awesome.

I bring this up for two reasons. One, because as you read this tonight, I will be accompanying my beautiful girlfriend to my high school's Junior Prom. Yeah, yeah, it's wonderful, but let's not delve on that too long.

Two, because the man above, at a very, very young age, has become the commanding centerpiece of the Baltimore Orioles' lineup.Youth is great.

The Orioles are doing alright currently, but Machado alone is plowing them to second, or third, or wherever they are now. Machado is a great hitter, is great at his position, and is something that Orioles fans needed: their own Ripken-type player. Someone who comes in young, and excels at his position for a while. Hopefully Machado can be someone like that.

But, to reiterate my point, youth should be savored before it skips away. As I'll be savoring every moment tonight, Machado should savor every moment he fields, steals, and bats with the agility of a 20-year-old, rather than a 36-year-old

Coming Tomorrow- A Nationals pitcher not named Strasburg that's been doing very well.

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  1. The problem is that you usually only treasure youth when you passed it.