Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Message to You, Rowdy

(Music Pun #17. Alright, I swear I'm ending this streak after tomorrow, but you have to admit that's a good one)

Rowdy Tellez is leading the Toronto Blue Jays in home runs.

...with 6.

Far from the days of Joey Bats and Edwin, are we Toronto?

Not that that's a terribly bad thing, and not that the Blue Jays are doing too badly. They're not. They're in third, a few games above the Red Sox, in a division that is pretty much a two-horse race right now. As far as hopeless teams go, they're doing pretty well. The youth movement that was hinted at last season seems to be moving forward, as evidenced by rookie Rowdy Tellez being an opening day option for the Jays, as well as being the primary choice at first AND/OR DH.

While several of the younger options for Toronto have yet to really hit their stride, like Danny Jansen, Brandon Drury and Billy McKinney, there's still a lot of eyes on Vladimir Guerrero Jr., whose first few games have been...uneventful, for one. Vlad hasn't been committing any cardinal sins, at least not as far as baseball is concerned, but we haven't seen him really go to work yet. Compare that to someone like Ronald Acuna, who lit up IMMEDIATELY upon being called up. You have to hope that Vlad will get it together, because I really don't think we want to see him get demoted or anything. It may be a Trout or Judge kinda thing where they don't really lock in til they've been up for a while, but...I'd be concerned if I were a Jays fan.

...I'm not, but...just putting that out there.

At the very least, the duo of Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez is tight enough to help fans get over the umpteenth injury to Matt Shoemaker, however inevitable it has become (same with A.J. Pollock, really). Plus, Freddy Galvis, Justin Smoak and Randal Grichuk have been fine at holding down the offensive fort, and Eric Sogard has become the scrappy fringe player that we'd all been waiting for. There's some highlights, even if the problems are very, very evident.

Hopefully we'll get to see the real Vlad Jr. fairly soon. If least we've got Rowdy.

Coming Tomorrow- He played for my team for four months and he quickly became a favorite of mine. Even if he is currently suiting up for a division rival.

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