Friday, May 3, 2019

South Side of the Moon

(Music Pun Streak #19. Fine, I squeezed in one more easy one.)

As far as middling-to-bad teams go, the Chicago White Sox are a very interesting case. Right now their best player, Tim Anderson, is a guy that no one's heard of, their best starter, Manny Banuelos, is a guy who was a highly-touted Yankee prospect more than eight years ago, and the guy with their highest WAR, James McCann, is already on pace to top his highest WAR numbers by two weeks from now. Weird, weird stuff.

And yet having people like Anderson, Yoan Moncada and Leury Garcia playing so well at the same time is what's propelling this White Sox team out of last place. That and...not being the Kansas City Royals. Still, this team is gaining more momentum because its individual parts are syncing up in terms of ability and output. The core of this team, aka the infield, is playing pretty well, with even Jose Abreu hitting for average, and McCann is having a career year at catcher. Yes, the outfield is a bit more problematic, but at least Leury Garcia is there.

And Banuelos is sort of lifting the rotation right now, as Ivan Nova, Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez are giving ERA showings above 5. And yes, it's nice having the one-two punch of Kelvin Herrera and Alex Colome, but the team isn't in save position too often, as their wins tend to be do their losses.

Still, it's a nice change that the lineup is looking generally alright so far, even if the pitching needs a lot of work. The Sox are better than they've been in a while, and are looking to get better.

Coming Tomorrow- [sigh] guess whose team is back in first. I'll give you a hint....I hate them.

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