Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Bull Dozier

So...this guy currently has the best batting average in the American League.

Not Mike Trout. Not Mookie Betts. Not even Trey Mancini. This guy above, Hunter Dozier, is batting .348 right now.

...and he currently has 9 home runs, two away from his personal record he set last year in 102 games.

As a matter of fact, Hunter Dozier is not the only Kansas City batter doing especially well right now. Alex Gordon, Kelvin Gutierrez, Whit Merrifield and Adalberto Mondesi are all batting over .280, and all five have 10+ RBIs.

...there is a very large-sized however, though.

Those five guys (and Jorge Soler) are literally the only repertory position players with an average over .250. Everyone else is either skirting around .200 or below. And those five guys and Brad Keller are the only players with more than .7 WAR.

It may look like I had to bend stats, but...this is a very pathetic team that happens to have six guys that are doing pretty well. Usually you'd expect a middle ground, but there really isn't one. Everybody's either hitting really well or barely hitting; pitching well or giving up a billion runs. The only 'okay' on the Royals is...honestly just the average of two poles. They can't completely tank because of the six standouts, and they can't compete because of everyone else.

...so the Kansas City Royals are currently in a weird place. Not last; we knew they'd be there. Just...they can't tank without getting rid of these players that might be their future. And they can't compete without first tanking. So it's got to be tough for the Royals so far, even with Dozier playing as well as he is.

Coming Tomorrow- The baseball equivalent of an amusing perennial guest star being promoted to series regular.

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  1. Really glad to see Gordon having a good year. I hope he can keep it up all year.