Friday, May 10, 2019

Rage Against La Machina

(Two RATM puns in one week...and I'm not even a fan of theirs.)

So...the Twins are back. They...weren't really gone this season or anything, they just lost a few games, then got right back on a winning streak. And now, with the Indians 3 and a half games behind, and any other competition well behind them, the Twins aren't especially planning on cruising yet.

For one thing...they have one of the best pitchers in baseball, Jose Berrios, and one of the biggest comeback stories of the year in Jake Odorizzi, as well as the best contact hitter right now, Jorge Polanco, and the AL leader in home runs in Eddie Rosario. All at once, and all healthy. Which is pretty nice.

And yet that's not all. In little pockets of this team where you wouldn't think impressive things would be hiding. Martin Perez, a starter snagged at the last second, is throwing strikeouts like his earlier Texas days. Mitch Garver is having a huge breakout year at backstop. Jonathan Schoop is back to his high-average O's stuff, and Nelson doing the same amount of home run damage he's been known for.

Really, the only two assets the team should be worried right now are Marwin Gonzalez and Michael Pineda, but everybody else is really good, and the team has been coming together in a way that rivals even the wild-card competing teams of yore. I'm feeling some good vibes with this team, and I hope things keep going.

Coming Tomorrow- A starter for a rotation that was...a lot better a few weeks ago.

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  1. Great image of Berrios, there! Perfect for a baseball card.