Thursday, May 2, 2019

Walker This Way

(Music Pun Streak #16)

And just like that, the D-Backs are tied with the Padres for second place in the NL West. something I didn't especially think was going to happen at the start of the season.

It's strange enough that they were able to match Paul Goldschmidt in leadership by getting Adam Jones, but...they managed to IMMEDIATELY get a worthy replacement for Goldy at 1st base with Christian Walker, a former Orioles farmhand who'd finally developed a knack at hitting home runs. I don't know how they found Walker, but he's definitely helping, and he's become an early favorite in Arizona.

Still, unconventional team heroes is kind of a theme across the board- after all, Eduardo Escobar was one of the best players of April, David Peralta is succeeding at carrying the team, and Merrill Kelly has been transferring his ace powers from his Korea tenure to Phoenix. It's not like Boston, where you can see superstars like Chris Sale, Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez...but it's also not like Boston because the D-Backs are winning games.

And it's a weird team, too. After Alex Avila got injured, the D-Backs have relied on FOUR SEPARATE CATCHING OPTIONS. Carson Kelly has been the main one (somehow), but there have also been stints by Caleb Joseph, John Ryan Murphy and Blake Swihart. None of them are hitting above .250, either. A shame, though, because Alex Avila was doing great pre-injury, too.

It's an intriguing team, though. Lots of players doing cool stuff, and Greinke already has 5 wins. Things could be going a lot worse.

Coming Tomorrow- A slug-friendly, power-hitting rookie corner infielder for the Blue Jays. No...not THAT ONE...the other one.

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