Thursday, April 9, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Jones Edition

I could not be happier that Adam Jones has grown into a leadership role in Baltimore. I loved him when he came up, I loved him when he got all those All Star nods, and I still adore him. He's a great player, and he has the right attitude towards the game.

Part of me really wants the Orioles to well this year, even if I'm a Yankee fan. Something about the Royals-Orioles ALCS last year made me really pine for more underdog match ups. Plus, the Orioles have a nice team this year; with the exception of Nelson Cruz, all of the really big pieces stuck around, and they're all really good pieces.

Again, this lineup puts a lot of pressure on people like Chris Davis, and Jones, to hit consistently well, because not a ton of hitters are around, save for Delmon Young on a semi-regular basis. If they can master this, they'll have a nice season.

Coming Tomorrow- Last year he was the best pitcher in Tampa. Now he's the best pitcher in Detroit.

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