Friday, April 24, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Hunter Edition

Torii Hunter was one of the guys who was big when I got into the hobby. He was loved, he was a perennial All Star, and he was one of the guys that made the Twins a nice team in the mid-2000's. Him, Shannon Stewart, Michael Cuddyer and Johan Santana made up this really nice team of young talent, and while they never really won any pennants, they had some nice seasons, before everybody promptly left in 2008. Santana went to the Mets, Stewart went to the A's, and Hunter went to the Angels, where he, unlike the others, would continue to have a really nice career.

Two years ago, when he joined the Tigers, he had a phenomenal year, hitting homers left and right like he was a Twin again, and I was so happy for him. Last year was pretty nice too, if not as, but he was still playing really well, even into his late 40's.

I'm really happy he's back with the Twins, even if the Twins are looking at a last-place finish this year in the AL Central. He's coming back for the fans, because he knows he doesn't have that many great seasons left, and he wants to just have a nice time, back home, before he retires. That's a great attitude.

I don't think Hunter's a Hall of Famer, but he was a fun player, with a lot of nice seasons. He definitely made it nice for Twins fans to go to games.

Coming Tomorrow- The catcher for the defending NL champions. Again.

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