Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1998 Collector's Choice Series One (Part Three)

Yeah, it's about time I wrapped up this box.

We've seen the first 24 packs of this product, so for those of you unaware, 1998 Collector's Choice was the last hurrah for the beloved product, and there were still tons of incredibly 90's photos and designs to be squeezed out, among the barrage of plentiful inserts.

Now, on with the last 12 packs:

 Pack 25- As you can see, the dupes are kind of taking over most of the pack by this point in the box.

 This incredibly important-looking Richard Hidalgo card probably was a fairly decent rookie card in 1998.

 While we're at it, here's another card of Hidalgo, as well as a fold-out card of Al Martin. Man, the 90's were a pretty dire time for the Pirates.

 Pack 26- Tons of Starquests here.

 Here's a card of the current manager of the Rockies (poor guy, too)

 Two guys who did pretty well for the Yankees. One's still there (in a sense), and the other's awaiting a potential HOF ballot stint.

 Two pretty nice grey-border star cards. One's a reminder that Matt Williams did indeed wear an Indians uniform. Also, this Eddie Murray card, as a Dodger, was one of his last.

 Pack 27- Even an insert dupe up there.

 Two very 90's names. Pat Hentgen was coming of a Cy Young season, Jeff Blauser was still a trusted member of the perennial World Series-friendly infield.

 Man....that is an awkward smile out of Denny Neagle.

 Miguel Tejada gets a rookie Starquest. Frank Thomas gets a cool StickUms insert.

 Our fold-out is one of the one and only Greg Maddux. Because he's such a terrific pitcher, and Hall of Famer, I figured I'd open the back flap...

 Not perfect, but a pretty solid card back, complete with uniform flaps.

 Pack 28- Man, even the checklists stand out in this set.

 The star of Moneyball, and the star of the Angels' rotation for a whole decade.

 Mo Vaughn...one of the few StickUms I pulled that hasn't exactly, uh, stuck.

 Mention the name 'Kevin Orie' at modern Wrigley Field and see what happens.

 Pack 29- Thinning out on highlights now.

 Manny Ramirez is our StickUms. This one fits a tiny bit better.

 Pack 30- Ah, you can smell the steroids from here.

 First of all, here's Brian Giles looking at a baseball as if it's the first time he's ever seen one.

 And here's Brad Ausmus on the move, proving that he's still got potential as the manager of the Tigers.

 UD even had a card commemorating Brett Butler's last season, which was awfully nice of them.

 Barry Bonds and Jeff Bagwell are both still on the Hall of Fame ballot. Guess which one has a better chance of getting in next year?

 Plus, here's the guy who's already a Hall of Famer to verify it. Hoping he gets to stick around in Minneapolis.
 Pack 31- No real insert highlights, which is rare.

 Brian Johnson, not the former lead singer of AC/DC, tackling a runner.

 Mike Hampton and Jimmy Key....can't think of anything interesting to say other than wow, there was a moment where these guys WEREN'T injured?

 (bows to the guy who's brought the White Sox back from the dead this season)

 Pack 32- Box is definitely winding down.

 Here's a very happy-looking John Franco. The guy was 37 here, and would continue playing until he was 44. What a guy.

 Andruw Jones and Paul Molitor. Who would have thought the guy on the right would stay relevant for more time?

 Also, here's Hall of Famer Wade Boggs among the fans in New York.

 Pack 33- A very familiar looking card lies here too.

 Ramon Martinez looks for a way out of his brother's shadow, while Robb Nen is still closing games in Miami.

 Now THAT is a quality insert. Masked Marauders, Ivan Rodriguez. Well done, UD.

 I wrote a post about this card a few years ago. It lost me that contest on Nachos Grande, I believe. Speaking of which, he should totally do another one of those.

 Pack 34- Man, the base cards actually rule this one.

 Gary Gaetti evidently played for every team back in the 90's.

 I know Deion was kind of hit or miss as a baseball player, but at least he looks fun here.

 Smoltzie, right after his relatively huge '97 season, and a rookie Torii Hunter, always a plus.

 Always a thrill to pull an Orel in a pack.

 Pack 35- Down to the wire here.

 Matt Morris' rookie card features him batting, which is kind of nice.

 Curt Schilling Starquest- YAY
Curt Schilling Starquest after this past month- BOO
Denny Neagle Starquest- HUH?

 A pretty cool final tribute for a guy who should be in the Hall of Fame.

Pack 36- Sadly, no one of note in this one. Sad way to close out the box.

That does it for the '98 edition of CC. However, I do have another Collector's Choice lined up to post...and it's not exactly a pretty one. I'll get to it eventually.

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