Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Johnny Cueto's Stupendous Luck

It's incredibly rare for a player to go from a dropping-like-a-brick 4th-place team to the World Series champions.

It's even more rare for that player to go from that WS team to the team that everyone has been predicting is going to win the NEXT World Series.

And it's even more rare that said player is the kind of player that everybody wants....like Johnny Cueto. This is a guy who came close to a Cy Young a few years ago, deals in strikeouts, and kept the Reds from being totally irrelevant for a good couple years back there. He won some crucial matches during the 2015 playoffs as well, and was the piece that tipped the Royals over the edge, and made them a World Series winning team.

So, now that he's on the Giants, and now that he's doing a pretty nice job in the NL West, you've got to appreciate the guy's luck turn, especially in the last few years. And now, the Giants are getting pretty lucky as well, as it's an even year. They're ahead in the standings, and are beginning to pull away from the rest of the division, however everyone's so close together that it's kind of hard to call. 

Johnny Cueto is definitely a factor that could get the Giants back to the playoffs this year, because the lineup is still pretty strong, and Cueto's a great addition to a still-surging pitching staff. We just have to hope they can pull away even further.

Coming Tomorrow- The one big acquisition my slumping Yankees had this year.

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  1. Between Cueto, Mad Bum, and the Shark... those guys have been rock solid. Now if only Cain and Peavy can figure out their issues.