Sunday, May 17, 2015

Custom Card of the Morning: Goldschmidt Edition


Hard-hitting first baseman. Ignore the label on the custom that says 'shortstop'. The customizer was tired. First baseman.

Hits home runs and plays great defensive ball. Sets great standard for everyone else on the team. Is used to a quiet working environment. Almost won an MVP. Kids and fans love him.

Unfortunately, doesn't fit our needs this year, mainly because our needs include a last place finish, and...right now Colorado's in last. Because Paul keeps hitting. So please, take him off our hands.

Would be nice if you weren't the Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers or especially Dodgers. Because we have standards.

All the best,

The Diamondbacks.

P.S.- We'll even throw in Rubby De La Rosa, free of charge.

Coming Tonight- The Astros are red-hot right now. Here's their red-hot outfielder.

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