Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Harrison Edition

I'll give the Pirates some credit. They're not out of the race yet, even with a nearly-unstoppable Cardinals team, and the rise of the youth movement in Chicago. They're just trying very hard at this point not to fade.

Josh Harrison is helping that a bit, as he's one of the younger members of the club, yet he still has enough power to keep the hits coming, and to keep Pittsburgh relevant. People like Starling Marte, Gregory Polanco, Neil Walker, and, of course, Andrew McCutchen, are powering this roster, and trying so hard to keep the hype alive.

Will it work? I can't tell. The Cardinals aren't looking like they're going to budge, but there's always room for an upset.

(That's all I have room for tonight because I'm kind of tired)

Coming Tomorrow- In the absence of one Oakland catcher, another rises to the occasion.

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