Saturday, December 9, 2017

But What if this Stanton Thing Actually Happens???

Brevity's usually a thing with my dad.

I get a lot of text messages from him that are just '?'. '?' can mean a lot of things. 'What's going on?' 'How are you doing?' 'Where'd my chocolate ice cream go?' 'What is the answer to life, the universe and everything', but he mostly just does that when he doesn't want to type a lot of things. In texting or messaging, he thrives on one-word answers. 'good'. 'really?'. 'gah'. 'sure'.

I sent him the headline that Stanton was working on a deal with the Yankees. And what did I get in return?


My thoughts exactly.

You see...when a team is trying to build on a farm system, and keep their prospects in a steady conveyor to the bigs, so that they can build on themselves and strengthen the doesn't make a ton of sense to undo a lot of that building in order to get a guy that strikes out a lot and hits 50+ home run seasons in between being injured.

Stanton wants to go to LA. The Dodgers will most likely have a space open for him, with Ethier's departure- if not, they can very easily make Andrew Toles a Miami Marlin. That can definitely be a thing. Everything is banking on Giancarlo Stanton going to the Dodgers. And yet...the Yankees talk has 'intensified'.

The talk is that they'll be trading Ellsbury, know it won't stop there. They're gonna want Gleyber Torres, and all the really nice prospects they've been stockpiling since Mateo got knocked from #1. The Yankees don't need to give those prospects up, the reformation isn't complete yet. There's still some spots left for people to take before they complete the cycle. So trading some of those guys isn't gonna help, even if it is for Stanton.

Also, Giancarlo Stanton...I can't help but feel will be a disappointment, wherever he lands this year. Those injured seasons are scaring me. They're scaring me into thinking 2017 will be his last hurrah. They're scaring me into thinking they're gonna be paying for Josh Hamilton again. I don't know if the Yankees want Stanton unless they're absolutely sure he's gonna keep playing like he did in 2017, and not like he did in 2015-6.

It's a vexing issue, one with a lot of corners and variables, cool as it would be, I don't want to see Giancarlo Stanton as a Yankee. If I do, I don't think I'll ever see him hoisting a World Series trophy.

If it goes through, fine. I just don't think it'll work as well as they think it will.

UPDATE: Looks like it's gonna go through, with Starlin Castro ending up in Miami. Stanton needs to okay this. I'm hoping that if he does, he'll be a success, and not another hefty contract.

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