Sunday, December 10, 2017

On the Veteran's Committee Picks

...They ain't bad.

For a team that won a World Series in 1984, it was slightly baffling that nobody from the 80s era of Detroit's baseball history had made the Hall of Fame. Hell, there were several potential candidates, too- Lou Whitaker, Kirk Gibson, and, of course, Alan Trammell and Jack Morris. They were on top of their game for several seasons, and were among the best defensive players of the 80s. Morris currently has three World Series rings, each one with a different team.

The argument that may have broken the camel's back may have been that, with all the current 'great, HOF-worthy' players that are getting passed over, it makes even more sense that Trammell and Morris belong in Cooperstown. And as someone who voted for Morris in several on-blog HOF ballots, I partially agreed.

So, as the Veteran's Committee decided, Alan Trammell and Jack Morris are heading into the Hall of Fame. Not too bad.

Morris was getting outcry from sportswriters for the last 10 years, so it's all-but necessary for him to finally gain entry. Trammell I'm a little less convinced on, as he was never an undisputed amazing perennial player to me. He never really screamed Hall of Fame to me, though his defense and hitting abilities were pretty good, and he was one of the highlights of that 1984 squad, nabbing the World Series MVP (kind of like Morris did).

So while I'm not 100% there like other sportswriters may have been, I'm happy they allowed some players (not executives for once) to join the Hall, and it makes me even more excited to see who gets in come January (crosses fingers for Jim Thome).

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