Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015: The Year in Irony

As we've discussed quite a few times on the blog, I tend to be wrong a lot.

I do a lot of posting things with fervor and making predictions that, over time, tend to be completely false over time, and end up making a fool of myself through this. I try not to, but trying not to tends to make it easier to do so.

Like I have the last few years, here are the menagerie of times that I was comically wrong this season.

November 24, 2014- On a Napoli-Pedroia-Ramirez-Panda infield: "it's still a strong infield, and it still could be the defining factor in the AL East next season.". Wel, Napoli would be traded in August, Ramirez would stink it up in the outfield, and Panda struggled in Boston. Also, it wasn't really the defining factor in the AL East. That would be the Toronto infield.

December 12th- This post was about the fact that I didn't think any of the big roster-beefing moves from the Winter Meetings would work, citing the Cubs, Red Sox and Marlins as examples. I was wrong on 2/3rd counts. The Cubs ended up having a really nice season. I also wrote off the Padres in one sentence, saying "one aging slugger does not a playoff team make." The Padres would answer that criticism shortly.

December 19th- "I imagine the Padres will do pretty well this season. I don't know if they'll be as good as the Dodgers or Giants, but they could be a solid, surging team in 2015."  Jeez was I wrong on this one. 

December 21st- "Steve Cishek is their closer, and is a modest, workable closer that can definitely keep going for them." Nope, not really. He floundered in the closer position and wound up in the Cardinals bullpen by midyear.

March 17th, 2015- "The most ambitious assumption people have is that the Mets are going to have a very strong season, which I, for the most part, disagree with." Didn't really get me anywhere.

April 7th- "On the flip side, Josh Donaldson might not have a great year, as his roster is still pretty crowded." Jeez, if I thought that roster was crowded IN APRIL...
(Also, Donaldson had an amazing season, Toronto or no.)

April 14th- "I'm expecting Altuve to have another huge season, even if the Astros end up in fourth or fifth again." This whole post was about how the Astros were a couple years away from being huge. Little did I know that I was even underestimating them THEN.

April 15th- - "[Panik], Crawford and Belt are a great combo, and McGehee is warming up, I think." Well, McGehee would end up back in Miami halfway through the year, and Matt Duffy would take over at third, proving that all that infield took was one more little push.

(later)- "I don't know if the Indians are going to be too great this year, because the Royals and Tigers look like they're gonna dominate." This was back when the Tigers were doing kind of well, and before the bottom completely fell out for them.

April 19th- "I have no idea what the Cardinals are going to do this seas-oh, yeah, I do. They're gonna have a quiet summer, and then get really good towards the end, make it to the playoffs and narrowly miss the World Series. That's what they do every damn year." I was wrong here because they didn't narrowly miss the world series. It was a sharp exit, really.

May 30th- "So yeah, the Nats are in first, and I don't see why they'd be slipping out of that distinction anytime soon." 
Terry Collins: "Ahem."

June 13th, my most embarrassing post of the year: This whole post is about how the Blue Jays winning ten in a row wouldn't amount to anything. The killer line: "Here's what I think's gonna happen- they win their tenth, today. And they lose the eleventh, and lose a bunch more, and sink back into the #3 spot, and stay there for the rest of the year. The Blue Jays are not a playoff team. Not now, at least." Man, I'm just shuddering reading that.

June 23rd-  The whole point of this post was that I didn't want Cole Hamels to go to the one place that he ended up going to. So...that's pretty bad.

June 25th-  And HERE I say that the Phillies will end up keeping Ben Revere and Chase Utley, and trading Jeff Francoeur and Ryan Howard. Nope to all of that.

July 30th- You can just tell by the title of the post. 'No Blue Jays, you're still not for real.' I just kept digging my own grave with this Jays shit. 

August 8th- 'Sometime soon, everything's gonna come crashing down for the Blue Jays. Just you wait.'

August 27th: After the Yankees got swept by the Astros in 3 games, "I'm happy about the whole 'Astros being contenders' thing, and I'm even happier that the Yankees don't have to play them anymore." We would have to play the Astros the AL Wild Card...which wouldn't go too well for us.

September 9th: I titled this post 'Good Gosh, Could the Cardinals Actually Pull This Off?'
According to the Chicago Cubs, the answer was no.

October 4th: In this post, I predicted the Mets to beat the Blue Jays in the World Series. I was, clearly, a smidge off. I also predicted the Pirates to beat the Cubs in the NL Wild Card, which clearly did not happen.

October 12th Talking about Rangers and Astros wins in ALDS', "Which means that thought of a Jays-Royals ALCS I had? Down the shitter.", not necessarily.

So, that was how ironic, and wrong, my 2015 ended up being. Some things never change.

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