Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Good Gosh, Could the Cardinals Actually Pull This Off?


Like, I know they've been leading the MLB for the entire season, and I've been blabbering about how they don't have the best team, but this year, they could actually pull this off. Why? Because they act on opposite years to the Giants. They work the odd years.'s an odd year now, so that means they might be in the World Series.

Believe me, I don't want that to happen. The Cardinals playing anyone in the WS is a shit matchup, even if it's the Yankees (because the Yankees will lose). But I just can't deny the fact that they have an amazing team this year. The organization depth they have is amazing me. Even people like Steven Piscotty and Randal Grichuk, guys they're just bringing up, are playing real well. They've even managed to get John Lackey to have another nice season, even after his departure from Anaheim. This is a season without Adam Wainwright, and it's turned into the John Lackey show, which I'm sure no one was expecting.

Bottom line- something could definitely happen with this Cardinals team, especially considering Wainwright's attempt at returning. But one of the most interesting parts of this team is that I'm actually beginning to like them. That's right. This team has so many great young players that I might not even be hating them that much this year. I mean, it all depends on how rough they play on the road to the playoffs, but I feel like the Blue Jays have already filled my "team I hate in the playoffs' prereq.

So, I hope the Cardinals can keep hanging in there, and possibly keep this level of not being hated by me.

Coming Tomorrow- The custom I've been dreading making. One of my favorite players adorned in a different shade of blue and red.

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