Monday, September 14, 2015

Nostalgic Box Break: 2004 Topps Total (Part 2)

Last week I gave you Part 1 of this box. Now we're onto the second third. Remember, kiddies, we've already pulled a pretty nice rookie card in King Felix Hernandez, yet there are a few more to look for that we might hit soon.

Here goes another 12 packs:

Pack 13- Ah, those Expos logos bring me back to a time when they still existed...good times...

I'm beginning to think that Eric Young just never retired. He just played for a few decades, took some years in the minors, and transferred his consciousness into his son's body so he could keep playing for more random teams.

Scott Stewart is trying to bean the cameraman. How rude.

Our highlights. A still-somewhat-young Adam Dunn, and a year-or-so-before-finally-retiring Rafael Palmeiro.

Pack 14- Hey guys, remember when Ryan Wagner was supposed to be really good??

Three excellent pitchers. Westbrook has retired, but Marquis and K-Rod are still at it. Marquis had some games with the Reds this year, and K-Rod is still an elite closer with Milwaukee.

Pack 15- this pack was taken over by Pirates. Aaaaaaghh.

Other than being a Matt Capps rookie, this is also a really awesome card.
Preston Wilson had ONE really good season. This was the year AFTER that good season.

Ervin Santana is an excellent pitcher, and still has some good stuff even a few seasons after becoming a standout in LA. This, that being said, is still a pretty nice pull.

Pack 16- THIS PACK reminds me how 2004 this was. Man, Nomar on the sox? Rodrigo Lopez is the Orioles' ace? Man, what a year.

A reminded that Joaquin Benoit has been around forever.

Nomar gets the insert, and he'd be traded to the Cubs by July. Johan, it's just sad what happened to him.

Pack 17- A much more successful pack, and one I forgot to de-blur.

Always nice to pull a card of the starting third baseman for my 2008 Champion Phillies.

D'you think this guy's a fan of Pat Venditte? Maybe they both get coffee together on off days. Then they try to see who can throw their cup into the trash in the weirdest way.

Magglio. Torii. Ichiro. Three first names that defined baseball in the early 2000's. Torii and Ichiro are still around, although signs are saying this could be their last month in the majors.

Pack 18- I still adore this set, even if the rip's half over. Even its greyness is charming to me.

I had no idea either of these guys were on either of these teams.

Michael Young, an Arlington fan favorite, and Rafael Soriano, one of the most durable closers in baseball.

Pack 19- There's an alarming amount of closers in this pack.

Three guys who were very indicative of the fact that it was 2004. David Bell as the Phillies' third baseman? Aw, man, what a time.

Do you think that these guys would be horrified if they realized they were on the Padres NOW instead of 2004?

A-Rod gets a shiny Total Production insert, and two cards of awesome closing pitchers.

Pack 20- Another kind of blurry group shot.

Closest possible things to highlights.

Pack 21...did not have a group shot.
Two Yankees who I forgot we still had in 2004.

Our Total Topps insert is of a guy who totally wouldn't be on Topps cards in a span of six years.

Two sort-of-rookies, of Grady Sizemore and Jose Reyes, which is still pretty nice.

Pack 22- The first of three very one-note packs.

A guy who was juuuust fading into obscurity, and a guy who had faded into obscurity almost instantly.

Pack 23- At least the inserts stand out in this set.

Garret Anderson, as people seem to forget, was a great hitter for a long time. Carlos Beltran, as absolutely no one forgets, has a bat that seems to transcend time and space.

Pack 24- A blurry group shot, but you can see some talent in there.

Eddie Alfonzo! Wow! Forgot he was still around in '04.

Tex and J-Rol in the same pack. That's pretty awesome. Also, another Garret Anderson.

I will post the last third of this sometime soon, but it's still a very fresh box.

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