Saturday, September 19, 2015

2015 Topps Football: A Going Away Present

I find it incredibly sad that Panini, starting next year, will become the only card company to release football cards, meaning that Topps football will be no more starting next year. That's horrible. The football cards I collected were all Topps, and I stuck with them until they gave me a reason not to. The last few years of Topps cards have been overstuffed, frenzied, and I barely collected any of it.

So when I picked up a hanger-box of 2015 Topps today, I did it out of respect, and because this may be one of the last times I buy Topps football cards.

However...the product pleasantly surprised me, and I'm going to share, as I rip the box, reasons why I think Topps should stick around, ones only pertaining to this year's product. Things they're doing right, really.

190- Derek Carr
Reason #1- The design is a lot more simplistic than the last few years. True, they follow the scoreboard-ish route that 2015 Baseball sort of hinted at, and the bordering is the same type as last year's, but it's still very classy, and very light.
Reason #2- The emphasis is back on the photo, not the design. Perhaps they learned this from Panini.
Reason #3- Minimal foil. Only the Topps logo is in foil, and that makes sense.
48- Marvin Jones
210- Philip Rivers.
Reason #4- I can pull two starting quarterbacks in the first 3 cards. And they're both pretty good cards.
106- DeAndre Hopkins
205- Mike Evans. Apparently he's one of the better things about Tampa Bay right now.
139- Dwayne Allen
261- Giants Team Card
276- Seahawks Team Card
262- Steelers Team Card
Reason #5- The photography on those team cards? Top notch.
353- Ben Roethlisberger Topps 60 insert. Apparently they're ranking the Top 60 current players throughout the set. Stealing NFL Net's niche.
44- Troy Polamalu. Man, this final tribute would really be fitting if I COULD SEE CAREER STATS OR SOMETHING
301- JJ Watt DPOTY. And he deserved it, too.
53- Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Nelson Muntz' favorite player
108- Riley Cooper. BEAUTIFUL SHOT
271- Elvis Dumervil All Pro. I love how this photo has a purple tint. That's cool.
99- Vontaze Burfict
340- DeMarco Murray
Reason #6- Actually trying to photoshop players into new uniforms, rather than just putting the new team logo in the design, but keeping them in their old uni in the photo like a lazy ass.
333- Kam Chancellor.
179- Jeremy Kerley
284- John Kuhn All Pro.
346- CJ Anderson 60, a Broncos standout
479- Leonard Williams RC. 6th overall pick, which is pretty nice.
424- Landon Collins RC
414- Phillip Dorsett RC
488- Kenny Hillard RC. At least the photo is better here
490- Tevin Coleman RC
459- Bryce Petty RC, a Jets QB who could end up starting this year if Fitzpatrick blows some games.
462- Tyler Lockett RC
470- Jalen Collins RC
500- Jameis Winston RC. Always nice to pull a card of the first round pick.
223- DeSean Jackson. Currently injured. That's what he gets.
39- Rolando McClain
178- Jace Amaro
35- Dez Bryant. Maybe NOW he'll shut his mouth for a while...
133- Chris Ivory, Jets standout
47- Andy Dalton. Always nice to pull cards of him.
156- Brandin Cooks
267- Cardinals TC
290- Chiefs TC
217- Markus Wheaton, which is a great shot
263- Rob Gronkowski All Pro. Uggghhhhh
373- Brandon Marshall 60
339- TY Hilton 60
121- Andre Williams
356- Patrick Peterson 60. HE'S ONLY #35???
135- Jordan Matthews. YAY EAGLES
470- Jalen Collins GOLD #'D TO 2015
All Time Fantasy Legends insert of Steve Young
Fantasy Focus of Dez Bryant. Urrrrghhh
1000 Yard Club of Antonio Brown
4000 Yard of Club of Drew Brees
1986T insert of Bryce Petty
1986T insert of Tyler Lockett
Past and Present Performers of Odell Beckham and LT
A shiny 50's Topps reprint of DeVante Parker
27- Golden Tate
273- Marshall Yanda All Pro
360- Joe Flacco Topp 60
297- Justin Houston All Pro
282- Pat McAfee All Pro
464- Jeff Heurman RC
461- Jesse James RC
437- Bo Wallace RC
498- Josh Robinson RC
493- Keith Mumphery RC
487- Denzel Perryman RC
495- Rashad Greene RC
448- Duke Johnson RC
393- Michael Bennett RC
497- Ameer Abdullah RC. Finally someone I've heard of!

So, while I can see why Topps is on its way out of football, there is a lot in this set that it did right. The photography, inserts and effort are all there. It just gets tiresome as the pack goes on and there's nothing really new. There's a reason why Panini is keeping their license, because they're keeping it fresh.

I may buy one or two more packs eventually, but I'm not 100% won over.

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