Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Discounted Blaster of 2013 Allen & Ginter

Not gonna lie, but I haven't made a consistent effort to collect, or even just pick up packs of, Allen and Ginter since 2009. THAT was a great set. The first four were excellent. Once they started trying to keep it fresh, and in turn, making it boring, I stopped.

However, a few days ago I was at Target getting Heritage High Number, and I saw a bunch of discounted blasters. Getting a Chrome one from a few years ago was enticing, but I settled on one from 2013 A&G, because I didn't really know the set, and it might be a fun break.

Here, now, the 8 packs:

Pack 1-
210- Madison Bumgarner. Always an excellent way to start the pack.
41- Hisashi Iwakuma. Other than a no-no this season, hasn't done a lot since his 2013 season.
311- SHORT PRINT of Bob Lemon. This was juuuust when they started putting legends in the base set.
Palaces & Strongholds: Schonbrunn Palace
Civilizations of Ages Past: Hittites
Inquiring Minds mini- Niccolo Machiavelli. I love the gonzo pulls in this one. Machiavelli? That's awesome!

Pack 2-
32- Aaron Hill. Has basically been replaced at 2nd by Nick Ahmed.
203- Adam Eaton. D-Backs issues of this guy are becoming rare. Has become a standout in Chi-Town.
258- Speaking of Chi-Town, Billy Williams.
294- Johnny Cueto, who's beginning to get his act together in Kansas City
29- A&G Back Mini of Jordan Zimmermann
Across the Years insert of Carlos Beltran. Makes me very happy pulling this guy.

Pack 3-
205- Justin Verlander, who's beginning to return to form
162- Ivan Nova. Hoping he still has some great starts left in him.
202- Angel Pagan. Is basically one injury away from being traded to Colorado.
301- Tommy Hanson SHORT PRINT. Not as fun to pull Hanson cards anymore.
Martial Mastery- Vikings
154- Mike Morse mini. Man, this has him on the Mariners. That was 5 teams ago for him.

Pack 4-
153- Alex Cobb
125- Matt Holliday, who's beginning to hit again after his injury
140- Tommy Lee. lol.
164- Chris Mortensen. Ah, a staple of A&G- ESPN sportscasters.
Inquiring Minds mini- Hannah Arendt
Across the Years insert of Justin Upton. Now toiling in San Diego.

Pack 5-
107- Trevor Bauer. I swear, a great season is around the corner for this guy.
183- Ryan Ludwick
76- Jim Abbott. THAT is awesome.
Palaces & Strongholds- Buckingham Palace
Civilizations of Ages Past- Greeks. I dunno, I think the Greeks are still around...
329- Kevin Youkilis MINI. Short Print mini! WOW
350- Bill Walton SHORT PRINT. This is a little insane.

Pack 6-
97- Tony Gwynn. RIP
34- Robin Roberts, Philadelphia legend
272- Josh Reddick, in an awesome sideways shot
70- CC Sabathia, who has had a few alright starts
259- Matthias Blonski mini
Across the Years of Brooks Robinson

Pack 7-
259- Matthias Blonski. Hello again.
246- Hyunjin Ryu. Very nice. Hopefully his return from the DL next year will go swimmingly.
One Little Corner- Scattered Disk
Martial Mastery- Samurai
279- A&G Back mini of Gio Gonzalez

Pack 8-
69- Jake Peavy. Jeez, he was only still on the White Sox 2 SEASONS AGO???
193- Josh Hamilton. Now back in Arlington, thankfully
73- Tim Hudson. This guy retiring is gonna be really sad.
Curious Cases- Philadelphia Experiment
296- Ekolu Kalama mini
Across the Years of CURTIS GRANDERSON!! This box knows what's up

Very quaint box. Nothing huge, but good base cards.

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