Sunday, July 31, 2016

ARGH (or Jordan is not happy about the Andrew Miller Trade)


This season's confirmed that Brian Cashman must be easily distracted or something, because that must explain why he keeps going back on his promises. Just with this deal alone: 'we're not trading Miller, we're not trading Miller, we're not trading Miller, we're not- OOOOH! A MILLER DEAL!'

I was of the impression we'd be keeping the guy around for a bit. Sadly this was not in the cards, and Miller was shuttled to Cleveland today for a few prospects. Yes, prospects are nice and all, but I was thinking Miller would be sticking around.

Besides, I'm still not 100% comfortable with Dellin Betances closing games- he's better suited as a kickass middle reliever. But apparently that's what Cashman wants.

Maybe I'm a bit bitter because the Yankees aren't usually sellers at this time of year, but...I didn't see this one coming, and am still a bit miffed about it. Give me some time.

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  1. The Chapman deal made sense. The Yankees got high value for a guy who they would likely lose in the offseason. Plus, they still had an elite closer in Miller. But, the Miller trade is a sign that Cashman is throwing up the white flag. I share your pain.