Monday, July 11, 2016

Home Run Derby: Can't Say I Saw That One Coming...

Now...let me explain.

Giancarlo Stanton's been having a very...subpar for Giancarlo Stanton standards season. He's hitting, but his average is down. He's struggling to stay above the Mendoza line, and while he's hitting home runs, it's nowhere near his usual average. see him not only win the Home Run Derby, but ABSOLUTELY OBLITERATE IT, as if Todd Frazier and the rest had absolutely no business even showing up...that was pretty surprising. And refreshing, actually.

I'm just hoping this means Giancarlo's gonna get enough spark to get his average up for the rest of the season. Marlins need the old Stanton back for the rest of the mega-contract, and he'll have to deliver more than just a couple homers here and there.

Still, a hearty congrats to Giancarlo Stanton and all other Home Run Derby participants. Now, as for tomorrow night...we've got an All Star Game to cover.

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  1. That was quite a show Stanton put on. I too am pulling for him to turn things around in the 2nd half.