Tuesday, July 26, 2016

An Ode to the Last-Place Braves

if one receives a chance to play to lose,
In favor of success in later days,
It helps to make this choice worthwhile to choose,
Instead of failing in two billion ways.
There's only one left-hander that can pitch,
And only one third baseman that can bat.
The rest have left all of Georgia to bitch,
And all of sports to say 'imagine that'.
The team's this bad to help the prospects grow
By letting aging rejects play the field
At this rate, it's impossible to know,
What results losing ninety games will yield.
Still, for Braves fans, there isn't much to fear.
Besides- they get a new ball-field next year.

Coming tomorrow- A pitcher for one of the deadliest rotations in baseball right now...and I'm not talking about the Mets.


  1. Last time I read something that good, it started "There was an old lady from Nantucket"....

    1. Hey, I'm a writer by trade. Every once and a while that shows on the le blog. Glad you enjoyed it, regardless of the lack of double entendre.

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