Saturday, August 1, 2015

Top 10 Trade Deadline Deals of 2015

This year had more competition than any other year for this annual trade deadline list I make. And let it be known that this deadline had more HUGE, FANTASTIC MOVES than a lot of the other years. So, putting this list together until the day AFTER the deadline was all I could manage, as it took that long to figure out a solid list of ten. Shane Victorino, Ben Zobrist, Juan Uribe and Dan Haren all missed the cut.

Jonathan Papelbon gets the head of the post, not because he comes up later, or because he's #1, but because he's...

#10- Jonathan Papelbon to the Nationals, a prospect to the Phillies
Who Wins? Phillies. You'd think the Nats would win here, as they landed one of the best modern closers, and can move into the playoffs with a guy used to October tension. But while the Nats will succeed with Papelbon, it's really the Phillies getting the W here, as they got rid of a guy who was not a great guy for the team dynamic. Papelbon hated it in Philly, and talked about it nonstop. So don't you think your team's a little better now that the shit-talker's gone? Plus, they got a pitching prospect in return, so they can eventually be sort of good again, sometime in the future.

#9- Ben Revere to the Blue Jays, prospects to the Phillies
Who Wins? Blue Jays. Yep, second deal in a row that hurts my dear Phils. And this one...stings. I was just getting used to Ben Revere in Philly. I was gonna put a custom of him on my wall. I certainly wasn't expecting him to get traded. So, this one really hurts. But, sad to say, this does indeed help the Blue Jays, as they needed young outfield help, and they also could definitely use an average- heavy guy like Revere. So, somehow, it works.

#8- Mat Latos, Alex Wood and Bronson Arroyo to the Dodgers, prospects to the Marlins and Braves.
Who Wins? Dodgers. They needed pitching help with Ryu and McCarthy gone, and they got two guys who can definitely supplement the rotation. A Kershaw-Greinke-Anderson-Latos-Wood rotation will definitely work, especially given the powerful run support.  It can be said that the Braves also benefitted, because they got one of the big cuban prospects the Dodgers took time in lassoing.

#7- Mike Leake to the Giants, prospects to the Reds
Who Wins: Giants. Thanks to injuries and inconsistency, the Giants' rotation hasn't been as much of a sure thing as usual, but Mike Leake can be a solid third man. There is a lot of potential in that rotation, even if the postseason isn't exactly a sure thing in SanFran. Bottom line is that the Giants fixed the one problem they've ben having, and that is rotation security. I don't know if this move, which is basically the only big move they made this year besides breaking Travis Ishikawa's heart again, will make the postseason favorites again, but it'll at least help their cause.

#6- Carlos Gomez and Mike Fiers to the Mets  Astros, prospects to the Brewers
Who Wins: Astros. Remember, the Mets were INCHES away from landing Gomez, but because Sandy Alderson couldn't seal the deal, he ended up back on the board, and the Astros needed another outfield bat, to relegate Preston "Who Am I And What Am I Doing on the 2015 Astros" Tucker to the bench (where he belongs). So, Gomez and Mike Fiers were traded to the Astros. Fiers will be a decent fourth-or-fifth starter for Houston, but the real star is Gomez, as he's showed no sign of slowing down the past few years, even in a shitty year for Milwaukee. He's gonna be a big piece of the Astros' postseason bid.

#5- Yoenis Cespedes to the Mets, prospects to the Tigers.
Who Wins: Mets. This, I think, more than makes up for losing out on Gomez. Because, as a bonus, the Mets get to keep Zack Wheeler, and they get an awesome outfielder who can hit home runs. Cespedes had a really nice start with Detroit, and I didn't think he'd be traded this soon, but the Mets needed power, and they could potentially be a postseason threat. Cespedes could be their ace in the hole, because Lucas Duda can only strike out so many times.

#4- David Price to the Blue Jays, Daniel Norris and prospects to the Tigers.
Who Wins: Jays. The fact that this trade, as huge as it is, is this low, proves how huge this deadline was. Price is still one of the best pitchers in the game, and has played some awesome baseball for the Tigers. However, the Jays need some serious pitching help, and Price is the ace that they desperately needed. A combo of Price-Dickey-Buehrle-Hutchison could be pretty nasty down the stretch. Now, their only issue is that they're in a tough division, and they might not be able to hang on for that wild card spot. So they may have just given up Daniel Norris, a great pitcher, for no reason. We'll find out what this eventually does for them.

#3- Troy Tulowitzki and LaTroy Hawkins to the Blue Jays, Jose Reyes and prospects to the Rockies.
Who Wins: Jays again. It'd become obvious that Jose Reyes wasn't the greatest fit in Toronto, so shipping him to a park where it might be a bit easier for him to return to streaking could be a good idea. However, the Jays landing a solid hitting shortstop, and a guy who can close games (especially considering the Jays have no closer) was the best part of this. They still have a flawed team, but they now have two people, in Tulo and Donaldson, who are young, can hit, and can shape the future of that roster, instead of those two aging bats Bautista and Encarnacion. This is a promising trade, if not for 2015, then for the future.

#2- Cole Hamels to the Rangers, Matt Harrison and a ton of prospects to the Phillies
Who Wins: Rangers. I bet you all thought this would be #1. Well, while this is a huge move for Texas, and it moves a powerful pitcher to a very run-support-heavy team, it still doesn't guarantee the Rangers to get to the postseason. The Rangers are still a flawed, semi-injured team, and getting Cole Hamels does not remedy that. Plus, they're third in a division of two teams who are both sure fires for the wild card. They have to contend with Minnesota and Toronto for that last spot. They are FAR from a sure thing. So that's why they're not #1. However..this is still a good move for both teams, as it gives the Phillies a lot more to work with for their future, and the Rangers a new ace, and a great one-two combo once Darvish comes back.

#1- Johnny Cueto to the Royals, Brandon Finnegan and prospects to the Reds. 
Who Wins: Royals. The whole season, their main problem has been their rotation. They have good pitching, but they don't have an ace. They have people like Edinson Volquez and Jeremy Guthrie, who pitch games but are way past their prime. And they have Yordano Ventura, who's been dealing with serious control issues this season. Cueto is their best move, and can definitely hold a rotation, and lead a team into the postseason. Plus, judging by his first start, he loves it in Kansas City. This move is #1 because it could determine how far the Royals go into the postseason.

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