Sunday, August 30, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Segura Edition

I'd like to use this incredibly cool and blue custom of a fairly irrelevant baseball player to say that I, Jordan of Mint Condition, am officially back at Purchase College for the year.

I'm officially moved in, unpacked, and ready for a couple months away from home, where I can continue to do things that can work towards getting up off my ass for a living.

Only thing about this year is I'm gonna be up for an internship on campus, so if I get it, my free time might be a tad limited. I can definitely try pre-programming posts out the wazoo, like I have been doing lately, so that it won't really matter.

Bottom line is I'm back at college, and will continue making awesome customs.

Coming Tonight: The speedy new outfield prospect for a struggling A's team.

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