Friday, August 14, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Gomez Edition

(This Custom is Brought to you by Sandy Alderson's ineptitude)

I think the biggest takeaway from the Astros' deal for Carlos Gomez was the fact that, for the first time since, I'd say 2004, the Astros were receiving something at the deadline, rather than giving something away. Back in 2004, the Astros got Carlos Beltran at the trade deadline, trading away John Buck and Octavio Dotel (so, all in all, a good trade). Granted, that trade really didn't help long-term, but in terms of the 2004 postseason bid in Houston, it was a helpful grab, as Beltran helped them get to the NLCS, and ALMOST get to the World Series, where they might have been able to beat those 2004 Boston Red Sox.

Now, the Astros got another Carlos, Carlos Gomez, a speedier, younger, and hipper Carlos, one who was already moving mountains in Milwaukee. Now that Gomez is somewhere where the rest of the lineup has a lot of momentum, he can really be expected to perform as well as them.

I'm really hoping Gomez-in-Houston will work, because I would like the Astros to go far into the postseason, and win some tough matches, if only because it's not everyday that a perennial 5th-place squad makes it to the postseason. Plus, the amount of homegrown talent on this squad is pretty nice, especially with Keuchel, Correa and Springer. Gomez, so far, hasn't been a major player, but has the potential to drive this team further than it'd go without him.

I'm not 100% sure, but I'd like to see Gomez do huge things in Houston.

Coming Tomorrow- I've got, like, 50 Dodgers on the bench, so tomorrow, expect their newly-reinvigorated catcher.

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