Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Quintana Edition

I did in fact see Jose Quintana pitch when I was in Chicago. The Sox did win, but Quintana didn't put on an outstanding performance. He's very slow in his delivery, and he's definitely a strikeout artist more than anything. He's definitely not an ace, which is why I'm glad that the Sox have someone like Chris Sale or Jeff Samardzija to be that sort of anchor.

I think that the White Sox are an unfinished team. Sure, they have players who can hit, but they have a lot of roster holes. And yeah, their pitching staff is alright, albeit, again, unfinished. It can't just be the Chris Sale show.There's more to it than that.

I don't know if they deserve last in the division, but they're certainly not playing too well. And they need to figure something out for 2016 unless they want to stay in last, because there are a lot of nice pieces.

This year they're emphasizing their 2005 World Series win a bit, making a ton of stadium giveaways reminding people that ten years ago, this team was good enough to win a world series. I just hope they can eventually get the right kind of materials to get back there.

Coming Tonight: The powerful ace on the other side of Chicago.

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