Friday, June 9, 2017

Nostalgic Box Break: 1999 UD Choice (Part Three)

Previously on 'Boxes that make Jordan want to jump out of a window', we were blazing through this badly-collated, badly designed, and just plain BAD box of 1999 UD Choice. Today we go through the next 9 packs, and hope to god that Jordan can make it through.

 Pack 19-
Hall of Famers: 2/10
Jim Thomes: 2/10
Hall of 'Good in the 90's': 3/10

 A common version of the Cal Ripken Starquest, and a base card of ubiquitous 1998 strikeout artist Kerry Wood.

 NOMAH...the Red Sock so huge in the late 90's that Jimmy Fallon made a career out of basically yelling his name.
Jim Thome is our YARD WORK insert for this pack. Again, those ones are pretty cool, and deserved a better set.

 Piazza, Thome, Tino. Three guys who hit a ton of home runs in the 90s.

 Pack 20-
Hall of Famers: 3/10
Tony Gwynn: 2/10
California Team Legends: 3/10
 Double the Gwynn, double the fun. Starquest AND base!

 Tim Salmon was still relatively relevant in 1999, despite not especially recapturing his rookie year. Greg Maddux was still riding high though.

 Our 'Heads Up' insert this pack is Philly corner Scott Rolen. I'm glad he got a full career out of playing the infield, but I do wish more of it was spent in Philly.

 Pack 21-
Hall of Famers: 1/10
Yankee Heroes: 1/10

 Not much to report about in this pack, so here are base cards of Frank Thomas and Bernie Williams. You get bored of this set less than halfway through the rip.

 Pack 22-
Borderline Hall of Fame Infielders: 3/10
Borderline Hall of Fame catchers: 1/10

 Another Rolen, and a Tejada. Sums up the state of infielders in the 2000s.

 Omar Vizquel, one of the better defensive infielders of his time, and Jason Varitek, one of the greatest catchers ever to barely have any Topps the Matt Wieters of his time, only slightly more infuriating.

 Pack 23-
Hall of Famers: 1/10
Boston Scum: 2/10

 NOMAHH Starquest. Additionally, a card of Manny Ramirez right before joining the Sox and becoming MANNY. They added a Griffey in this pack to balance out the infuriation.

 Pack 24-
Extremely Rare Parallels of players I can't stand: 1/10
Yankees: 2/10
 My RED!!! Starquest, which would have been amazing in 1999, is of Mark McGwire. Sadly, post-Steroids, I don't really collect the guy, nor do I have a ton of respect for him. real use for it.
Mike Lowell came up with the Yankees, made All Star teams with Miami and Boston. Didn't particularly miss him though, WS rings notwithstanding. And David Wells, regardless of his instability, is a guilty pleasure of mine.

 Pack 25-
Clemens, Nomar, Clemens. As if I couldn't dislike a pack any more.

 Pack 26-
A ton of dupes, and a lot of people I simply don't collect or care about. Which...essentially sums up this entire product.

 Pack 27- Even more dupes and discards than before!

This one at least came with a Heads Up insert of Alex Rodriguez, but...again, post-steroids, I don't really have a use for it.

Very weak section of the box. I'm doubting Part 4 will be any more exciting though.


  1. That into was hilarious! That was a dog of a product wasn't it.

    1. Probably the absolute worst product I've ever broken a box of. I have no idea why I subjected myself to this.

  2. I'm interested in most of the inserts...I actually like the '99 set and I know I need a bunch of the heads up cards. Shoot me an email once you get the box busted!