Wednesday, June 21, 2017

At Least They're a Fun Mess

Look, I'm not gonna say that the Athletics don't deserve to be in last. The farm system that led to those amazing seasons in the early 2000s has since dissolved a bit, and this seasons team is a mish-mosh of cheap contracts and overtired prospects. However...of the six last place teams right now, I do think that the A's are probably the most fun to watch. There's doom and despair, yes, but at the same time...there's 3 guys hitting near 20 home runs, and there's two guys most of baseball counted out who are doing really well.

Ryan Healy had a great rookie year last year, and as he started 2017 with a down average I got pretty worried. I thought he wouldn't be able to recapture the magic, and fall short like the rest of the A's. But now he's racked up 17 home runs, and he'd providing A's games with a nice amount of suspense.

I feel like the A's could build a team around this guy, like Anthony Rizzo in Chicago, and stack some heftier prospects and players around him to form a contender. I'm guessing that won't be for a while, but still.

Look, the A's may be dire, but there's some charm to them.

Coming Tonight- I'll be watching one of the other last place teams play ball tonight, so expect some sort of recap afterwards.


  1. I love Ryon's bat. His fielding, not so much...
    I love the A's, and for once I hope they stick to their usual gameplan and move some guys to load up the upper minors. Alonso would be a great "sell high" guy, but unfortunately no one is looking for a 1B that much this season.

    1. might end up being the Yankees, actually. Both their 1B options are disappointing them right now.

  2. I thought that too, but aren't the cupboards kind of bare in the Yankees upper minor league club? Everyone that they've got who's worth anything is already on the big league club to fill in for the injuries. I wouldn't be psyched to trade Alonso for a couple of low movies minors lottery tickets.