Friday, June 30, 2017

Dear 2010: He's Still Pretty Awesome

Let's straighten this out now. Stephen Strasburg is not Todd Van Poppel.

Of course, he's not necessarily Clayton Kershaw either. So what does that make him?, uh, it makes him Stephen Strasburg. And I'm pretty sure the Nationals are insanely happy with Stephen Strasburg.

The guy's in his eighth (!!!!!) season in Washington, he's still dealing the strikeouts and he's still one of the most powerful pitchers in baseball. So far he's only had one season with +200 strikeouts, but Strasburg is one of those pitchers who will get off to an incredible start...and then get injured for a month and lose any chance of chasing any season-long feats. Right now he's got 122 strikeouts, he's got an impressive record and ERA, and he and Max Scherzer are absolutely lighting up batters.

Like with every recent Nationals season, you have to wonder what it will take for them to deviate from the pack and actually win a division series. This year they have a stellar lineup, a fantastic rotation, star power and multiple All Stars. They've had this in 2012, 2014 and 2016. And people are asking if THIS is gonna be the year they finally do something. Now they have MULTIPLE pitchers doing as well as Max Scherzer, and multiple hitters doing as well as Daniel Murphy, so it's becoming a bit more likely that they can do some damage.

However, it's only June and we're talking about October. We should slow down.

Coming Tomorrow: July. And also, a pure home-run hitter from Toms River New Jersey.

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