Sunday, August 16, 2020

Topps Cards That Should Have Been: 2014 Adam Dunn

Topps CHB #3: 2014 Adam Dunn, Oakland A's

Why Topps didn't give Adam Dunn the sunset card he deserved in flagship is a mystery to me.

Adam Dunn, for a good 12 years, was one of the premier power hitters in baseball. True, his one-dimensional nature stopped him from being a truly legendary player, but his home run numbers with Cincinnati, Washington and Chicago were fantastic.

In 2014, the A's traded for Dunn at the waiver wire deadline in August, past Topps' cutoff for their update set. Over a month of play in Oakland, Dunn  hit .212 with 10 RBIs and 2 home runs, bringing his lifetime total to 462. It was a fulfillment of his wish to play for a competitor for his final season, and though the A's, like usual, only made it to the wild card game, Dunn was still a steady DH for it, and gave the team a veteran presence that would foreshadow veteran breakouts like Jed Lowrie and Mike Fiers.

And so, despite Topps only giving Dunn a 2015 Stadium Club rendition of this stage of his career, I cooked one up and befit it to the zoomed-in photo trend of 2014.

These are fun, and I like doing them, but I don't wanna drown out the regular customs, so expect one  every few days.

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