Sunday, August 23, 2020

Trouble Brewing

...the Brewers just dropped a three-game series to the Pittsburgh Pirates, who previously were 4-12.

Little concerning, don't you think?

It's concerning enough that Yelich isn't hitting. It's concerning enough that next to no one in this damned lineup is hitting over .250, including Eric Sogard. It's concerning enough that Brock Holt, Logan Morrison and Ryon Healy couldn't help this team. But to not only drop 3 games to Pittsburgh, but be outhit by people like Jarrod Dyson, Adam Frazier and Bryan Reynolds, all contact guys? Something is wrong.

Omar Narvaez, after a strong 2019, is back  to refusing to hit for average, so Manny Pina has been getting more reps and is getting a surprising amount done. Luis Urias is hitting well off the bench, but so is Orlando Arcia, the guy he was supposed to replace. Jedd Gyorko is doing well for a team that really doesn't have a place for him. Josh Lindblom may be the only pitcher in  recent history who came back from an Asian-ball residency and didn't improve his stats.

And while the pitching is marginally better, and Woodruff, Houser and Brett Anderson are all solid starters [and Josh Hader has yet to allow a run], it doesn't amount to anything if the lineup remains petrified. I mean, it HELPS to have a good bullpen, which they do, but it doesn't mean anything if they can't score any runs.

It's frustrating, because the Brewers were so close the last few years, and are now slowly being edged further and further from competition. This team has talent, and deserves better...but  this week isn't cutting  it for them.

Coming  Tomorrow- Steady pitcher for, that's right, the top team in the AL West.

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