Saturday, August 14, 2021

Jamo Mr. Nice Guy

 The Yankees' rotation is looking slightly dire. Gerrit Cole returns next week, and Jordan Montgomery is sure to follow. Luis Gil is probably going to be a permanent roster addition, so Rob Brantly's days may be numbered [especially given Sanchez's eventual return]. And Nestor Cortes is actually a decent starting option after all, against all odds.

Meanwhile, the only leg of the rotation that hasn't been a problem has been the guy who took the longest to blossom. Jameson Taillon, known affectionally as Jamo. And of all pitchers to be a sole option in the last few weeks, I'm kinda glad it was him. This may go down as one of Taillon's best seasons, as his consistency and durability are coming forward for the first time since his full season in 2018. I'm glad he figured out pitching in New York, and I'm glad he figured out how to build back his dominance after two injury-plagued years. Between him and Kluber, Taillon was the one I was the least worried about but the most concerned about consistency, and he's been great. Kluber I'm kinda hoping comes back sometime this year though.

As for the rest of the Yanks...things are kinda the same as usual. We're still in third, coming off a decent winning stretch but bobbing back and forth with the same rotten luck we've had all year. Anthony Rizzo was hitting, but he ended up on the COVID list with everybody else. Good news is Luke Voit has been quietly gaining ground and having good power moments in his place. LeMahieu, Stanton and Judge have been hot in this era, and thank the lord they've all stayed healthy in this stretch. Judge especially has been high-tier, and had some nice homers in the Field of Dreams game [which I really enjoyed for the first 8 and a half innings]

In a perfect world, all the COVID guys come back and we race past the Sox for a higher Wild Card spot. I'm just as skeptical of this team's legitimacy as any, but I do think we have a nice shot if everyone comes back in good form. The real indicator will be what Gerrit Cole's gonna look like this week. We'll just have to see from there.

Coming Tomorrow- Until this guy came to town, his team were down and out without a chance. Now they're wrestling Philly for a division leader spot.

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