Thursday, May 20, 2021

22 Years, And One Day, Later


I think baseball is getting a wee bit tired of all these no-nos, because it factors in with the sort of broken swing-for-the-fences mentality that hitters are taking as well as illuminating the rise in great pitching. Tim Kurkjian had an article yesterday doing his usual stat twisting and saying that the strikeout has broken the game, without mentioning other things that have broken the game like commercialism, steroids, Rob Manfred or sportswriters in bowties who do nothing but twist stats for a living. 

And I get it. The game used to be so much better. But this is the game now. And if you're hanging onto the way things were 40 or 50 years ago, you're gonna be disappointed every time.

[, Tony.]

Anyway, my team threw a no-hitter last night, and I'm pumped.

Look, forget that it happened 24 hours after the last one, and forget that it happened to a team that good things usually happen to. The Yankees hadn't pitched a no-no since David Cone's perfecto in 1999. Corey Kluber hadn't had a legitimate moment on the MLB stage since 2018. We all needed this. Getting to watch Kluber, one of my favorite non-Yankees prior to suiting up for us, work the Rangers into the ninth, was awesome. I had to put on the last inning and watch it myself, and it was worth it. Seeing the man who doesn't smile crack a big one after the last out was awesome.

And now we can add Corey Kluber to Yankee history, no matter how things go after last night, or this season. Corey Kluber is a Yankee hero for last night, and I'm proud to say it. He deserved a comeback, and this was definitely a step towards one.

I sincerely hope there isn't a no-no tonight as well, I think we all need a break now. Especially Tim Kurkjian.

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